The Outcomes

Accessible MuniTransportation 2030 is designed to improve the experience of getting around San Francisco. Through local funding measures, the program would allow the City to invest in a wide range of transportation infrastructure projects by 2030. Additional investment through matching funds and grants would build on this significant local effort.

The goal of these investments: better roadsimproved transit and safer streets throughout San Francisco.

Creating Better Roads, Improved Transit, Safer Streets

The image below shows some of the improvements that we’ll see more of around San Francisco with voter support for local measures and investment from state, regional and federal sources. They include street repaving, pothole patching, new Muni vehicles, Muni efficiency upgrades, safety and accessibility improvements, widened sidewalks, safer bikeways and more.

This important work has already started. With funds from two measures passed in November 2014, we’re focusing on some of San Francisco’s most immediate needs in public transit and street safety.

Investments like these will create a safer, more efficient and better organized environment for everyone, no matter how you travel.


Future Funding Measures

Between 2016 and 2030, San Francisco may vote on up to three more funding measures – one short-term and two long-term – dedicated to improving the local transportation network. Combined with the November 2014 measures, this local funding effort could raise over $3 billion for critical transportation infrastructure in San Francisco.

The future measures are:

  1. Restoring the vehicle license fee to 2 percent locally to provide a long-term source of funding for transportation projects. For vehicles registered to San Francisco addresses, the VLF would increase from 0.65 percent to 2 percent, the traditional rate until 1998.
  2. A half-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation funding.
  3. A second $500 million bond to continue investing in urgent transportation needs as the City continues to grow and its infrastructure continues to age.

Accountability & Public Involvement

The Transportation 2030 program represents the highest levels of transparency and fiscal accountability. It features comprehensive public oversight, reporting and financial accountability measures, including regular review before public boards and expenditure reporting on a public website.

The projects identified by Transportation 2030 are based on existing plans, programs and strategies that have gone through extensive review and community process. Community engagement will continue as the projects move forward through planning, environmental review, design and construction.

Transportation 2030 is a key part of San Francisco’s 10-Year Capital Plan, the City’s formal commitment to long-term, strategic and fiscally responsible investment in our public infrastructure. Because the City issues new bonds as previous bonds are repaid, property tax rates will not increase as a part of the Transportation 2030 bond program.